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The third release comes from legendary Broken Beat and Drum&Bass producer Colin Lindo aka Nubian Mindz aka Alpha Omega. The man needs no further introduction as he is known for his brilliant releases on labels like Reinforced, 2000Black, Archive, Delsin and many more.

'Hacker Wacker' is hypnotizing with sharp beats, a dubby, bleepy, broken Techno vibe ready to take you on a sweaty late-night trip. 'Vox & Cymbal' is true listening bliss.

A timeless tune centered around warm Detroit chords, downpitched vocals and spiralling synthlines, sending you on a dream-like journey.

In contrast, '2nd Chapter of 74' impresses with a bumpy bassline, kicking perfectly together with its clever swinging House groove. Once again, Colin's trademark synths provide that extra glance. Finally 'Break the Rules' is going off with a strong Techno vibe with chords pushing the tune into a dense atmosphere before leading us off into a mellow tripping end.

Release date: 28.January 2013
Cat - Number: disko303
Format: limited 12" (250) & Digital
Distributed by Cargo Mastered at Optimum, Bristol, UK

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