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"With this release from Simon/off at the latest we will put Disko404 on our list in big and bold letters, and so we don�t forget anything, we will whistle the title track away to ourselves until then, aloud, and out into the world. Categorically wonderful. With just the right amount of garage memorabilia and sharp hi-hats. "Just To" cultivates elaborate hectic, stutters funk in the brightest colors, and only after the third or fourth run one has absorbed enough details to control the feet accordingly. Then Bass Clef comes around the corner on the B2 with a remix of that very track, digs deep into the "Me and My Rhythm Box" with a glistening bass and everything else just right. Heart captured most casually." (Thaddi / de:bug)

"Deft, diverse garage and cut-up juke styles on the Graz-bassed disko404 imprint, backed with a fine Bass Clef remix. On 'Take It Back' Simon/off exhibits a subtle grasp of US garage dynamics akin to Akufen's take on Todd Edwards, contrasting sharply with the kinetic, bashy juke rhythms and glitching electronics of ''Just To'. Bass Clef seals the deal with a wider sounding remix diffusion, gutting it thru his analogue boxes until the elements are flung out on cosmic dubstep trajectories." (boomkat)

Format: limited 12" (250) & Digital
Distributed by Cargo
Mastered by Shawn @ Optimum

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Released by: disko404
Release/catalogue number: disko202
Release date: Oct 15, 2012